Naked and clean and bloodless again. And mine


My name is Iphigenia (Call me Iphi) and 20 is my age. Born in Greece i think. Except if i'm really from another magical world and they send me here to protect me. Optimistic, dirty minded, psychopath. Tv-Series Junkie and Klaroline addict. *i watch everyhting* Currently in love with Jamie from Outlander and James Potter. Tyler *shagKlaus for now at least* is my last love

Klaroline Fandom:

If you still believe Klaroline will happen: That’s OK
If you don’t believe it has a future on the show anymore: That’s OK
If you like the Pregnancy plot: That’s OK
If you don’t like the Pregnancy plot: That’s OK
If you don’t want the Spin Off: That’s OK
If you want the Spin off: That’s Ok

Sending hate messages to actors: Not OK
Unfollowing People because they say their Opinion: Not OK

It’s one of us is a special Individual and entitled to his own Opinion.
Spread love not hate. We are classy...We are Klaroliners

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    Julie knows and she counts on that. That’s why she makes any shit she wants because she knows we’ll keep watching. But...
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    We always do…poor little loyal soldiers…we are the tin dogs of the fandom
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    Preach dat shit
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