Naked and clean and bloodless again. And mine


My name is Iphigenia (Call me Iphi) and 20 is my age. Born in Greece i think. Except if i'm really from another magical world and they send me here to protect me. Optimistic, dirty minded, psychopath. Tv-Series Junkie and Klaroline addict. *i watch everyhting* Currently in love with Jamie from Outlander and James Potter. Tyler *shagKlaus for now at least* is my last love

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Half-blood Prince, ch. 6, p. 117-8. Fred giving Hermione bruise ointment for her punching telescope accident. (requested by missykitkat)

JK Rowling said that she was originally planning on having Fred and Hermione end up together.

for some weird reason i could totally see Fred and Hermione together and now i am crying

instead she killed him off

shut up

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I screwed up, Oliver. I screwed up  s o  b a d.

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I miss our old life

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I do love Paris because I’m a sucker for architectural pornography. I happen to love the people there. And all the different arrondissements remind me of all the different boroughs of LA or NYC. The daily music and fashion is worthy of inspiration.

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#the greatest #i’ve got red in my ledger. i’d like to wipe it clean. #she manipulates people’s gendered expectations of her to extract information #she conducts interrogations by letting people think they’ve bested her #by letting men think they’ve bested her #because she’s small and fragile and female and she is emotional and easy to snap in half #and then she tears them apart #and it’s the greatest thing and you’re the greatest thing and i love you #get your own movie

Must reblog Black Widow. Always.

What I love about this is Coulson in the last gif. Instead of freaking out, he’s just like “Lah-de-dah *whistles* Please don’t let this take too long…” like anyone else put on hold.

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Something bad happened to me. Something bad happened to me in the woods.

H O N E Y M O O N  (2014) [x]

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No one defines you but you.  

By Artsy Artichoke

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I spend so much time alone that if I was ever falsely accused for a crime I would never have an alibi

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