Naked and clean and bloodless again. And mine


My name is Iphigenia (Call me Iphi) and 20 is my age. Born in Greece i think. Except if i'm really from another magical world and they send me here to protect me. Optimistic, dirty minded, psychopath. Tv-Series Junkie and Klaroline addict. *i watch everyhting* Currently in love with Aramis for The Musketeers and James Potter. Tyler *shagKlaus for now at least* is my last love

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Dreams Often Lie [1.05] / Some Consequences Yet Hanging in the Stars [1.09] 


Why is it your touch is the only one that soothes me?

friend: you ship cesare x lucrezia and klebekah,they are all siblings
me: yeah
friend: that means,you ship incest ships
me: yeah,totally
friend: it's fucking gross
me: in natura of human moral yes it's gross but it is not gross as big as killing people
friend: well in real life,if you see love between siblings,don't you hate it?
me: maybe i find it wrong ,you kow because of genetic matters but love is love no matter what and the love between two adult people isn't my bussiness until they hurt other people,give harm to the others ,if they love each other,probably have sex but they don't give any harm to the people or other creatures on the world,if they are kind ,happy,gentel in society ,why do i hate people because they love each other and having sex while they are siblings?
friend: you are really strange
me: maybe,maybe not but war is the most disgusting thing on the world more than incest for me

Allisaac + working together


I’m pretty certain that when my boss said the design team had an hour of personal project time at work, this is not what he meant…