Naked and clean and bloodless again. And mine


My name is Iphigenia (Call me Iphi) and 20 is my age. Born in Greece i think. Except if i'm really from another magical world and they send me here to protect me. Optimistic, dirty minded, psychopath. Tv-Series Junkie and Klaroline addict. *i watch everyhting* Currently in love with Jamie from Outlander and James Potter. Tyler *shagKlaus for now at least* is my last love

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keeping an eye on the future wife

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# MeWatchingSupernatural  

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Ain’t like you went and killed a bunch of… innocent women.

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The Vampire Diaries: Season 5 Gag Reel

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american horror story blog

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It kind of looks like he’s playing hide and seek here. Obviously we know he isn’t, but based on the gifs alone it kinda does..

Lol, it kind of does

Hide and seek with his toddler… awwh….

And in the bottom last gif, his toddler is looking everywhere but near him…

Omg, yes! Henry is trying to help his baby sister find Daddy and he’s just

"Find Daddy! Where’s Daddy? He’s in here somewhere! You gotta find him!"

"No, Sissy, Daddy’s not under that piece of paper, you looked there four times!"

"Why don’t we check behind that chair? We haven’t looked there yet…"

"Stop playing with Grandpa’s spinning wheel, you’re not old enough to spin!"

And Neal is just

"Seriously? I’m over here!"

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